Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Touches

Although I loved not finding out what we were having when we were pregnant with Mara Kate and enjoyed getting a big surprise on delivery day, I am just as excited this time around to know ahead of time what this little one is.

I know that knowing the gender ahead of time makes it oh so tempting to buy, buy, buy gender specific things during your pregnancy and I have done a little of that. But, what I've really enjoyed is knowing when I feel little kicks that they are prissy little girl toes in there kicking me. So sweet.

I've also enjoyed being able to take some of the things I had from last time that were plain and gender neutral and think of ways to make them a bit more girl-y.

I had all white birp cloths last time, as that is what was easy and simple. But, this time I took those white birp cloths, soaked them in Oxi Clean, washed them in Dreft to make sure they were really clean and fresh, then I simply cut strips of thick gross grain ribbon and sewed it onto the bottom of several cloths. I didn't have to spend money on new birp cloths and it took just a little while to add a simple feminine detail to something that was otherwise very plain.

I may take them to have her name, initial or monogram put on at some point, or I might just leave them like this as I think they are really cute just as they are. Still, I'm realizing that it's fun to have the time (and energy) before bringing a new baby home to gets things ready and just right for their arrival, even when it's just adding pink little touches here and there!


Christy said...

Aw, Jana, those are adorable!!! I think I'll copy you and do the same to some plain white ones I have for Jack! You're so creative!

Dad said...

Go ahead and have her name put on them and then post pictures.

Jana said...

Dad, Easier said than done, considering we don't know her name yet!