Saturday, August 08, 2009


After Kane finished everything up at Georgia Tech and we made the move up to Rome, we hightailed it out of town for 3 nights to spend some quality time together, before things get busy again with Kane's new job at Shorter College. This trip was to celebrate the END of graduate school (forever!), our 5th anniversary, which was the end of July and my birthday, which took place while we were on our little getaway.

We decided to head up to Chattanooga since it's not too far from Rome, and stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Lookout Valley. We had a great time doing a bit of sight seeing as well as getting in some good relaxation.

We are very thankful to Kane's mom who came to Rome to stay with Mara Kate. She also kept herself busy by checking things off my to-do list, so I had less to do when I got home. Love it! Thanks Tuie!

Some pictures of our time...

Sitting at breakfast on the deck at the B&B. We had a private meal,
outside each morning and it was wonderful!

At Ruby Falls
We went to Ruby Falls the morning of my birthday. We had always seen signs advertising it from the interstate whenever we'd drive through Chattanooga, so we decided to check it out. It was pretty interesting.

Some formations inside the cave, leading to the falls.

Look closely, this formation is supposed to look like the
back side of a donkey. And, it really did!

I thought these looks neat. I think they said these resemble drying tobacco leaves.

And, finally the Falls, after a half mile "hike" into the side of Lookout Mountain.
Very pretty and the temperature 1100 feet underground was very, very pleasant.

Heading over the walking bridge to the carousel in Coolidge Park.

Yes, we rode the carousel. I think we were the only adults who rode
who didn't have children with them.

(pic is a little grainy, but still ok)

After supper on my birthday. We went to a restaurant called Big River Grill and it was excellent. We really enjoyed the food there!! Very tasty!

These pictures were taken on the grounds at the B&B. The view was so pretty.


Janelle said...

So fun!!! We used to live in Chatty and absolutely loved it (and Big River was where Chris and I went on our first date).

Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

looks like you had a nice time. I love your dress!!

lisa said...

i love your dress! i'm so glad you're all moved in..i'll have to come visit soon