Friday, July 24, 2009

HE DID IT!!!!!

Kane passed his defense yesterday and is officially now, Dr. Kane Barker or Kane Barker Ph.D. Either way, we are extremely happy, thankful and proud! I am excited to hopefully have my husband back after about 2 months of crazy long work hours.

We are also excited to be celebrating our 5th Anniversary TODAY! We'll be able to enjoy ourselves more knowing that his defense is behind us!

Kane with his adviser, Dr. Bottomley

I joked with Kane last night and said, "OK, you can mark "Earn Ph.D" off your to-do list. ha!
I am completely a list maker and function very well with to do lists. I also sometimes make lists for Kane of things he has to do to help him stay organized. With our move just days away I have a list going for him of the things he needs to do before the movers come (stuff like take apart beds, uninstall hooks, shelves, etc.). Well, to be funny, he added to the bottom of that list "earn Ph.D" and said, the other stuff on this list will get done once this is marked off. So, now he can mark it off and get going on everything else. :) I guess that's been on his mental list of things to do for over 5 years, so I'm sure it feels pretty good to check it off! Congrats, Kane---so very proud of you...and I KNEW you could do it!!


Christy said...

Congrats Dr. and Mrs. Barker!!! So proud of you guys!

Heather W. said...

Yayyyyy!!! So exciting.

It seems like the big stuff happens all at once, doesn't it?

Janelle said...

YAY!!! So many congratulations!

Dad said...

Very exciting times for you guys. Love ya!

Robert Kingston said...

Muchly awesome!

Dr Omnimors has arrived...

Congrats - and well done on the years of hard work.