Monday, May 04, 2009

Day of Celebrating

We had a blast celebrating Kane's birthday yesterday. We went to church in the morning then out to lunch after ward. Kane picked the restaurant and we had a great time eating at
P.F. Changs. It was new to us and we definitely plan to go back. I'm not normally a huge fan of Chinese food, but will say I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and wouldn't mind eating there more often.

Kane and Mara Kate, before heading to church

Such a sweet look on MK's face

Kane and I at lunch
This picture was taken by our little photographer, Mara Kate. Didn't she do such a good job??! We are pretty much even centered in the shot I seriously think she might have a gift for photography.

Famous P.F. Changs lettuce wraps---very tasty!

Another appetizer, Crispy Green Beans, with to-die-for dipping sauce

Kane and Mara Kate, she wanted to sit next to the birthday boy.
(I just love this picture---with Mara Kate's little hand wrapped around her Daddy's neck).

Trying out the chopsticks.

A few grains of rice successfully into her mouth!

Now let's play with them!

What fun!

Birthday kisses!


Complimentary mini b-day dessert

Time for his real birthday cake


Happy Birthday, Kane!!!

Present time

His goodies---
A green laser pointer, a spiffy new tie to wear at his upcoming defense
as well as some of his favorite candy


Patrick and Laren Barker said...

What a great celebration! I am impressed with MK's photography skills. Thanks for sharing with us. We love you all!

Katie said...

What a fun birthday! I'm so glad you like P.F.'s now! Yeay!


Kane said...

I'm so thankful that Jana and MK made my birthday special.
For the record, I was not the one who encouraged MK to play with her chopsticks. I can't take Jana anywhere.

alley said...

Happy belated birthday, Kane!