Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sister/Cousin Time

A few weeks ago while Kane was away on his guy's trip, my older sister Tara flew in from Kansas City to stay with me. She brought her two youngest children, Dresden (3) and Megan (2 months). While Tara was here we made a roadtrip to Birmingham to visit our younger sister, Heidi and her family. It was great to have some sister time and for our kiddos to get some cousin time. It seems these days when we are together we take more pictures of our kids playing together than of ourselves---thus the reason for not even 1 picture of the 3 Burton sisters together. I know pitiful, but between cooking, visiting, traveling, nursing, changing diapers and taking toddlers to the potty we were a little busy and distracted. :)

Since my camera was in the Grand Canyon with Kane, I didn't take any pictures, but had to rely on my sister's camera to catch the cute shots as they happened. She recently emailed me several she took while here so I thought I'd post some...

Megan and Dresden, zonked on the couch. Dresden was in this position when I left to go to the grocery store. She was in the exact same position when I got home. Tired little girl who had been up since 4:30am to catch an early morning flight to Atlanta!

SO cute! Mara Kate and Dresden.

I braided their hair just a like---they thought it was SO cool!

On the way to Aunt Heidi's house...nothing more precious than sleeping babies!

Making pizza for lunch. They got to help put all the toppings on.
Thanks to their cool Aunt Heidi who is always so creative, even in the little things. :)

SO Excited!!
Ready to play outside in the hose. The girls are both wearing size 12 month swim suits that belong to their baby cousin, Olivia. Couldn't believe they fit as well as they did.

Sitting on the counter being silly. This was the only shot of them all looking in the dame direction with their eyes actually open!

Aunt Heidi with Megan. I held her a lot too while she was here, but sadly don't have a picture.

MK with Megan. She sure loves her youngest baby cousin!


Aunt Jane said...

Wonderful pictures. I am so glad you all had a great time. You will all have to meet here sometime so I can be your photographer. I promise to take pictures of the sisters!!! =)..YFAJ

Heidi said...

Thanks for posting!! We did have a great time and I'm glad we live close enough that we were all able to get together!!

Dad said...

I think it's great that my three girls were able to get together and have some good sister time. Love you all!

Christy said...

So glad you had a good time jana...such fun to see you on Friday...lets hang out again soon!