Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strawberry Pickin'

Yesterday Mara Kate and I went strawberry picking. We were invited to go with our friends, Bryan and Kathryn. Although it was pretty hot out, we had a great time and enjoyed picking lots of ripe and juicy strawberries together. After our buckets were full we headed back to their place to relax, visit and eat some yummy homemade pizza. Mmm!

Mara Kate warmed up really well to them both and felt right at home by the time we had to leave.
After we packed up and were heading back home, Mara Kate said to me as we were leaving, Mr. Bryan, he's so nice!" So sweet. :)

Kane wasn't able to go with us yesterday as he needed to get some stuff done at work. He is taking several days vacation starting tomorrow as he leaves for his trip to the Grand Canyon! We'll miss him, but are excited that he gets to go. I am looking forward to visiting with my older sister, Tara and her two youngest as they are here to keep me company this week. We are planning a little trip to Birmingham as well to spend some time with Heidi and her family for Memorial Day.

Mara Kate ready to fill her bucket!

Helping Mommy
(actually slowing me way down, but that's ok) ;)

Mara Kate helping Bryan find the red ones.

Taking an afternoon stroll in the hot Georgia sun!

Kathryn and I showing off the results of our hard work.

Is this one frame-able?! I think so!

My strawberries out to dry before freezing most of them.
Although, we are having strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight! Yumm!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Susanna Rose said...

Yummm! Strawberries have been a definite pregnancy craving of mine so I'm lusting after the ones in the last picture!:) You and Mara Kate look so cute in your sun hats together!

Tip Junkie said...

I featured your fajita tutorial on my blog today. Thanks for the inpsiration!

alley said...