Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Last week was a bit hectic for Kane at work so by Friday night he was very ready for the weekend. To start it off right he treated us to dinner at La Parrilla, one of our favorite places. We stopped at Blockbuster on the way home so we coule watch a movie after Mara Kate went to bed. Movies are always a good way to relax (even though our movie choice ended up being a bust). Oh well.

Saturday morning we slept in (me a bit longer than the other two early birds I live with) and then went out to run some errands as a family. Kane and Mara Kate also got an extended amount of playtime out on the playground at our apartment complex while I piddled around the apartment.

Saturday afternoon I did a bit to get stuff ready for our Sunday lunch (Fajitas--see how we do it here) and actually took a little nap in the afternoon. Mara Kate took a bath and also called several of her favorite people on the phone (something she really likes doing lately). Kane watched Second Hand Lions which came on TV. Saturday ended up being some good down time as a family, even though we didn't do much, we really enjoyed just being at home together.

Yesterday we had church, then Kane tutored in the afternoon. While Mara Kate napped I watched the movie End of The Spear, which was a challenge to watch, but well worth it.
Last night we all went to our Home Fellowship Group, which always has good discussion and fellowship.

Guess that's it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like ya'll had fun! Alley

Aunt Jane said...

Who knew my little Jana would grow up and become so domestic =) I will have to try your fajita recipe..Miss you all