Thursday, April 24, 2008

Smocking Project--Opinions Wanted

I started smocking this dress during my road trip to Missouri earlier this month. A sweet dress for Mara Kate for this Spring and Summer. I really like it and am excited about her wearing it soon.

Now, I need your opinions. Look at the pictures below and answer this question:

Should I leave the bright pink "flowerettes" only in the points or should I go ahead and fill in the rest of the "grid" with more "flowerettes" spaced the same amount apart as the ones I've already done, consistently over the entire smocked area?

The pattern I used showed the flowerettes both ways, but I can't decide which way I like better.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Jana, I would "step-down" the flowerette pattern to coincide with the 'decreasing size' of base pattern. Note how flowerettes in center grid are placed 5-high. In the two adjacent grids, I'd make the stack of flowerettes 4-high,...then 3-high, etc. Wish I could draw on here, but think you'll understand. As with Tuie, I'll never ask if you use my advice,...(but I reckon I'll see that dress someday!) Papadog

crossfield said...

What in the world? Papadog has too much time on his hands! I say fill it in... it looks a little "unfinished"- but, to be diplomatic, it could just be the pictures that make it look that way. You could put a paper sack on MK and she would look the cutest!

Dad said...

I'm good either way. (The fact is, while MK is actually wearing the dress, no one is going to pay it any attention. Everyone will be too distracted by that cute face and blonde curls to care what the flowerette pattern is.)

Jordana said...

Jana - I was actually thinking the same thing as Papadog! :-)
Looking forward to seeing what you decide!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bebe, I say fill in the rest with the flowerettes!

Auntie Carol

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments about it doesn't matter what she wears, she is adorable anyway! BUT, as far as the dress goes. I like it just like the picture, and no more. I think it is just the right amount of flowers!
Love, Mom

Aunt Jane said...

It think you should fill in the other ones. I think it will look more finished. Either way you decide will look good, but that is just my opinion. You did a great job on it. I really like your color choice...It will look so sweet on her...Aunt Jane