Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring!

I am so ready for Spring and am excited about this Easter weekend. Tonight Kane's parents arrive and will be here all weekend. Tomorrow his sister and her husband arrive and then Sunday we'll get to spend time with his brother and his wife also! We will have a house full! Full of people and full of fun! I'm thankful to be able to attend our own church on Easter Sunday this year for the special Easter services and have family attend with us. What a treat!

Tomorrow afternoon Kane and I taking Mara Kate to our church's preschool egg hunt. We went last year and she was pretty much afraid of picking the eggs up out of the grass, but I think this year will be better and maybe she'll make it home with a little more candy. (At least that's what Kane's hoping!)

We'll have a traditional Easter lunch on Sunday afternoon and maybe even have an egg hunt within our apartment, since we don't have a yard attached to our 4th floor apartment. :) We're planning to make the most of our time with family while they are here. I hope everyone else has a wonderful Easter weekend as well!

Here are a few things I've got out around our home to help make it feel more like Spring!!

Katie, now you know what I did with the twigs I cut the last time I was at your house!
Hopefully now you won't think I'm completely crazy. :)

Little birds I cut out of scrapbook paper.

Eggs purchased for next to nothing at Hobby Lobby.
I hot glued the ribbon on so they would hang. So easy!

Thanks to my friend Katherine, who inspired my tree and for the fun day we spent together making our birds!


Dad said...


Your apartment looks very "springy". You are an excellent decorator!

Susanna Rose said...

I love all your decorations! You've done a great job creating a really tasteful Easter look...and I love the twig tree!:)

John Spencer said...

I LOVE the tree!!! Show me how to do it please! You know I'm ohh sooo uncrafty! :) It is so cute! I'm glad a tree from my place contributed!

We had fun w/ya'll today!