Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Real Reason

I really have no real reason to post or update my blog. There really hasn't been much excitement around here as of late and no really cute or fun pictures of Mara Kate. I just hadn't posted in awhile so I thought I would just write about what has been going on, although it probably isn't very interesting or exciting to read. Sorry.

One thing I have accomplished this week was cleaning the apartment. I always love the feeling when the kitchen floor has been mopped and is still shiny and the sink has been scrubbed with comet and shines as well. These two things don't get done all that often, so when I take the time to do it, it really motivates me to keep everything else picked up as well.

Last night I made a tasty supper. We had a friend over who went to college with Kane. It was fun to have an extra reason to cook something "special" and to have the company. I made ham loaf, skillet green beans and macaroni and cheese (in my rice cooker). I also made a pan of lemon bars which turned out really well. I had never made lemon bars before and was surprised at how easy they were to make and how good they turned out. I've been trying lately to expand my dessert repertoire to include NON-chocolatey things (since Kane doesn't like chocolate). I know, I know there must be something very wrong with him.

I have joined a new Bible study which meets on Wednesday mornings. I am really enjoying it and am learning a lot. It is a Precept study called The Good, The Bad and the Ugly---a study on the kings and the prophets in the Old Testament.

Kane is teaching a class this week and next to fill in for his adviser who is out of town. He is really excited about this opportunity since teaching is what he wants to do after he finishes grad school. I think he has already learned a lot from the 2 classes he has led. He is teaching Analytical Chemistry and will be covering a section about electronics. I'm proud of him. :)

Mara Kate has recently taken to singing. Up until about a week ago she hadn't really been into music, but has just recently started trying to sing songs she has heard and has expressed the desire to "watch music" (which means listen to music) more lately. Also, it just so happens that last week we got an email from a friend who is starting up a toddler music class in our area. After much discussion we have decided to enroll Mara Kate. I think it will broaden her world and introduce her to a realm of things we are less able to provide at home. It will meet once a week for 10 weeks and I will go with her. I know there will be music, dancing and instruments. I think it will be great fun!

OK--so there's your update.


Heather W. said...

I feel SO GOOD after cleaning my kitchen sink too, especially with a soap pad.

I would love to know how you make your macaroni and cheese in your rice cooker!

Grandpa said...

Mara Kate, after you learn a new song, you will have to call me and sing it to me so I can hear your pretty voice!

Anonymous said...

A real good reason to update your blog often...I love reading your new writing and hearing MK's latest cuteness=) I can hardly wait to see you. Love, A. Jane

Heidi said...

Isn't it kind-of nice when life is calm enough to not have tons of blogging material (and therefore plenty of time to get your house caught up)? :) long as it's not all the time! Mara Kate will LOVE that music class! I'm glad y'all get to do that together =)

Lorie said...

Dear Jana,
I enjoyed your blog, even if there was not reason. I am testing my computer to see if it will let me make a comment again. I love clean kitchen sinks too, and I love to hear Mara Kates singing! I need to try the rice cooker mac and cheese!
Love, Mom