Saturday, February 02, 2008


I am finished with my temporary job at our church office. Yesterday was my last day. Here are a few pictures of where I've (and Mara Kate's) been working the past 5 months.

front desk

work to be done--getting ready to "stuff" this week's bulletin

Mara Kate "working"
(seriously, this is what she would do while I worked---
entertained herself with whatever she could find lying around)

Mara Kate loved ALL of the staff and visited their offices frequently (constantly?!)
MK with Debbie, the church bookkeeper.
Debbie pretty much won Mara Kate's heart by printing Sesame Street
coloring sheets for her to color (using highlighters) on while in her office.

MK with Christy (KiKi to MK)

with just a couple of the staff ladies,
Beryl and Christy--sweet, sweet gals!