Monday, January 28, 2008

Congrats are in Order

This past weekend Kane and I went to the wedding of some friends in Athens. Thanks to Kane's Mom and Dad we were also able to make it an entire weekend away for just the two of us.

We really enjoyed having a night away and a chance to spend some good quality time together as well as see and catch up with some old friends I had during the time I lived in Mississippi. We enjoyed the wedding and reception, but also enjoyed exploring Athens a bit and the campus of UGA. We also did a little shopping, ate out, saw a movie and just relaxed in general.

Here is one picture of Mara Kate's time with her Tuie and PapaDog. She had such a good time playing, she really didn't even miss us!

And the wedding...

The cake---The detail on the icing complimented the
detailing on Kathryn's wedding dress.
So elegant!

The beautiful bride...

...with the crazy (and apparently hungry) groom.

A nice pose.
Congrats you guys!