Thursday, August 09, 2007


OK, So now I know exactly why Atlanta has been dubbed "Hotlanta". It is because of days like today. Just walking out your door you feel a heatwave rush in. It is downright oppressive. Yesterday I got ready and headed out the door to go to a Bible study. I did as I do most days and walked out and down 2 flights of stairs to the covered parking deck to my car which is parked out of the sunlight and heat. By the time I got to my car I had sweat beads formed on my brow. I hadn't ran a marathon or walked a long distance in the sun...all I had done was walk to my car from my front door. This is just ridiculous.

When I got inside and turned on the car, the radio announcer said that it was 83°. 83° at 9am?? Come on!!!

Below is the forecast for today.

Mostly Sunny, High of 101° F

By this afternoon it is supposed to be 99°F and FEEL Like 105°F. Sick.

There has been a "heat advisory" going on this week where they are telling people to stay indoors as much as possible. I did have to go to the grocery store yesterday afternoon--so I loaded us down with cold water to drink in the car. I feel so bad for Mara Kate as her car seat isn't the most breathable material and the back of her head is usually soaked by the time we get anywhere these days. I try to keep a cold cup of water available to her all day so she won't get dehydrated. I have been drinking a ton more water than normal as well.

Also, I have been picking Kane up after work (and he hasn't complained), as it would not be smart for him to be walking 30 minutes home from school in this sauna. So, today--we are staying in. I will go pick him up after school and that's it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I dislike really cold, cold temperatures as well as snow/icy weather. BUT, On a day like today that sounds pretty darn appealing!

Wouldn't be fun if God threw in a winter day amidst the hottest part of summer, and maybe a warm sunny summer day in the midst of the cold of winter..just as a form of relief?! Maybe that's why some folk migrate to Florida for the winter (and Alaska in the summer?!) sounds good to me!


Dad said...

I'm glad we had a chance to come to Atlanta for a visit. Now I can visualize your stairs and covered walkway and parking garage. It has been "hotbristol" here this last week. 100 degrees everyday for the last few days. I'm glad you have air conditioning. Keep cool!!