Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nap Time

Nap Time. One of my most favorite and least favorite times of the day. On those days that I feel extra busy I welcome nap time and look forward to NOT being interrupted and getting a lot accomplished during that time. On the days that I don't have particularly a lot to do and she takes a particularly long nap, I miss her during nap time. :) I miss her talking, her smiles, her laughs and her hugs.

Sometimes when I am feeling extra tired myself I look forward to nap time so I can try to get in a little snooze for myself during that time (although this is very rare).

Today I cleaned my bathrooms while Mara Kate napped. I finished and she was still asleep. I decided to eat a little lunch. I finished my lunch and she was still asleep. I decided to better go check on her, cause I was missing her. She was OUT!

There is something about seeing your almost 2 year old peacefully asleep that makes them seem tiny again, that makes them look like that 'little baby' you carefully carried home from the hospital again just for a second. When they are asleep and perfectly still, it makes you remember the times when they couldn't roll over, crawl, stand, walk, or talk. The times when they would lay still in your arms while they nursed or just looked up into your eyes. My how she has grown, and I still have no idea when it all happened.

My sleeping baby...


Andria said...

I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones, but your post made me cry! :) Very sweet!

Dad said...

Actually, she looks more like a little girl than a baby!

Jason and Kim Vinson said...

Awe! It brought tears to my eyes too! How sweet : )