Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet Neighbors

This afternoon Mara Kate and I spent some time outside playing with some of our sweet neighbors. These girls live in an apartment in our complex and fell in love with Mara Kate the day she came home from the hospital. They have hugged and kissed her many times and as she has grown they have carried her around and even played with her on the little play ground. On Sunday we took them a little goody bag of toys/activities to thank them for always being so sweet to Mara Kate. Since we are moving we wanted to let them know that we love them and will miss them. They are so sad they won't have Mara Kate around anymore, so today they were extra affectionate to her and each kissed her at least 3 times as we were coming back inside.


heidi said...

I am catching up on blogs...again! I don't get around to reading them daily..but I always back-read to the last one :) Our lives are both so crazy right now, but for totally different reasons.

The girls look very sweet--and I am sure they will miss Mara Kate..funny how moving 2 miles away can still take certain people out of your life!

Can't wait to come see you in your new place...probably in September when we go housing-hunting in Birmingham. I'll be thinking about you guys tomorrow as you move, while I am trying to stay in the A/C and not do much all day :) :) Love ya!