Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mommy-Daughter Time

Yesterday I had a couple errands to run, but had more time to run them than I needed, so after grocery shopping we squeezed in some fun Mommy-Daughter time at the park. Mara Kate LOVES to swing and I LOVE to here her giggle and squeal with glee as she swings---so it worked out well for both of us.

She also tried out the slide (which she also enjoys) and just roamed around a bit too. It was a very pretty day and really great to be outside, even if just for a bit. Today is also a really nice day out, so we may talk Daddy into going back to the park again this afternoon! Gotta take every chance we can get.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Oh, and thanks to Carol and Park for her new pink "Crocs". They are a bit big on her yet, but she doesn't care. She loves them and every time we get ready to go somewhere---those are the shoes she brings to me. I have to say---she looks so cute in them!


Dad said...

It looks like she shares her Mommy's "try anything" no-fear spirit!

heidi said...

That is so funny...Tara says Dresden picks out her own shoes yet. Grant is oblivious to that--he could care less what shoes he wears :) I am glad y'all had fun at the park. This is the perfect time of year for that. Love ya'll.

heidi said...

Oops :) Her own shoes "too"....not "yet" :)