Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all Mother's who are reading have a wonderful Mother's Day! I was thinking this morning that last year my first Mother's Day Mara Kate wasn't even sitting up yet and was only 5 months old. I know I was MUCH more tired and still felt like I had a "baby". This year my baby is gone and has been replaced with a little girl FULL of her own personality. She is walking, talking and knows exactly how to tell me what she wants and when. Pretty different from last year---but, I am loving it! It is so amazing to think back and see all that has changed in the past 12 months. :)

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day with Kane's family. His mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, brother and fianc'e came in Friday evening and stayed for the day yesterday. Friday night Kane and I actually LEFT some of them at our apartment with Mara Kate while we spent the night at the Goergia Tech Hotel (only 5 blocks from our apartment). We didn't have room for all to sleep in our aparment so someone had to get a hotel. His parents offered the hotel they booked to us for a night away. It was a great blessing and wonderful to have about 12 hours of alone time. Mara Kate was asleep when we left and slept all night totally unaware that Mommy and Daddy were gone and that her Tuie, Papa Dog, Aunt BeBe and Uncle Choonghwan were there to take care of her. She did wake up happy about the surprise the next morning and had a while to "play" with all of them before we arrived home. We came home to a little girl who had been fed breakfast and was already dressed---and it was such a treat to have that "mini-break".

We all ate lunch together and opened birthday presents (for some), graduation gifts (for others) and Mother's Day cards for Kane's mom. Later in the afternoon we sort of all split up to go do different things. A few went to IKEA, a few went to some fabric/textile and antique stores to browse and a couple even headed out to see a movie. It was a great day and fun to see everyone and host everyone here in Atlanta for a change. In a funny way, I really enjoyed hosting---partly because when everyone left, we were at home---and didn't have ANY driving to do (which is usually NOT the case).

Last night we just relaxed and watched The Queen. This morning Kane brought me breakfast in bed and I received MY Mother's Day gift from Mara Kate (and Kane). We then went to church and then out to lunch at Chili's. And now I am writing this post after waking up from a 2 hour nap. I don't think I could ask for a better Mother's Day (except for the fact that I didn't get to see MY mother this weekend).

I just wanted to share about our great weekend and would love to hear how any others spent theirs!


Patrick and Laren with Mara Kate

The happily engaged couple. :)

Papa Dog and Mara Kate (showing us her 'silly face')

Kane's sister Elizabeth (BeBe) with Mara Kate

Elizabeth, Mara Kate and Choonghwan

Papa Dog and Tuie with Mara Kate

Some beautiful (and sweet smelling) peonies from my mother in law---
from her garden at home

Kane's mom with her 3 children.

My breakfast in bed---simple, but just what I wanted. :)

My NEW microwave. My Mother's Day gift from Mara Kate and Kane---Something I am very excited about and didn't expect.
The one we had was Kane's from his dorm room in college and only had 1 function--ON. Now I can do stuff like DEFROST meat (yay for this!), pop popcorn perfectly and even grill food in this contraption.

Mara Kate and me. She is holding the rose she gave me
(that they were handing out at church this morning).
SO sweet!


Heather said...

Those peonies are gorgeous! I really miss seeing my parents' bushes, which sadly hadn't bloomed yet the last time we were home. I need to see if they grow in containers.

Speaking of containers, I made my container garden this weekend. I will post pictures on facebook soon. :-)

Dad said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. Isn't it great being a Mom? We grilled steaks with Heidi and Jeph and then watched "Rocky Balboa", which Heidi and Jeph had rented. Congratulations on the new microwave. I drank water for lunch instead of sweet tea. Diabetes has really changed things, and its going to be hard.

heidi said...

We missed you here yesterday! I am glad you had a good weekend...and that you got a microwave you can defrost with :) yay!