Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

Although Kane and Mara Kate were both sick this weekend with nasty colds, we still managed to have a little fun. We turned this big box we had into a little play house for Mara Kate. She is just beginning to be at the age of understanding what it means to pretend---and pretend she did. In and out, over and over, peeking at us through the window and door. It was fun to watch her enjoy something as simple as a cardboard box!


Dad said...

How sweet. Her first house!!!

Daddy said...

You have to love the simplicity of a large cardboard box. I miss being able to play in cardboard box forts. At least I get to relive some of the joys through Mara Kate.

Susanna Rose said...

I'm sorry you and Kane were sick but it looks like Mara Kate was good at amusing herself! Isn't it nice how it seems the more simple the object, the more amused little ones are with it?!