Thursday, May 04, 2006

Container Gardening

Last weekend I went to a Gardening Workshop and got remotivated to create another "container garden". I had a container planter last year but a few months into the blooming season I failed to water it consistently (I blame it on morning sickness---first trimester of pregnancy) and managed to kill everything in the container. So, now that I have learned that watering daily is of utmost importance I have created a new container full of fresh and vibrant plants and flowers. I am more excited this year and feel like I have a better understanding of what I NEED to do and what I should NOT do in order to help this container bloom and look its best all Spring and Summer long. Last year I tried to grow some herbs and gerber daisies. This year I've got some petunias, creeping jenny, a spike, a geranium and a couple of other pretty things. I will keep everyone posted on how my 2nd year of gardening goes.

Here are a few pictures of my currently beautiful and blooming container


Katie said...

I love your potted arrangement! You did a good job! Will you come over and do a container garder for me?!?!

katie :)

heidi said...

I recognize the geranium leaves :) It looks great...I can't wait to have a yard someday and learn more about gardening...but this is a great option for apartment living in this phase of life!!!

Susanna Rose said...


Looks great...I love the pink flowers! Rick actually bought one of those this year too and it definitely is important to water it regularly as we've found out too! It also is nice to feel resourceful having herbs, etc on hand that then don't have to be bought.