Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Mara Kate woke up very congested after a restless night...so she and I are having a "sick day" today. She is sleeping peacefully at the moment, but she sounds just awful and sometimes stuggles to breathe so I am watching her closely.

It is not a fun experience watching your baby in pain and wishing you could do more to "fix" it. I am doing whatever I can to make her as comfortable as possible and giving her a little extra loving too.

Keep her (and me) in your prayers...as this first time mommy feels a little inadequate at the moment.


Betsy said...

i will pray!

Dad said...

Jana, you are right. It is very hard to watch your children suffering through sickness and not being able to "fix" it. However, from what I've already seen of her "mommy" skills, I have a great deal of confidence in this first time mommy!!

Of course we will be keeping you and MK in our prayers.

Ruth said...

Boy do I know that feeling! As you mother her through this, tho, your confidence level will rise dramatically as you see yourself take care of her on whatever level you can, and give beyond what you thought you could! It is amazing how God made us to feel for our little ones and give us extra grace when we have nothing left!

Hope she is feeling better today! I'm sure you gave her the best care she coulda had!

Prayed too.

heidi said...

Aw, I know it is not fun!! It is so stressful to have a sick baby that you care about so much. Ruth is right...you will grow more confident..and also closer to MK as you take care of her when she really needs you!

Betsy said...

hope she's getting better!