Monday, February 06, 2006


Today Mara Kate has been so happy! She smiled at me first thing this morning and has been smiling most of the day... She is currently behind me laying on the bed looking up at her daddy grinning and cooing at him. What a precious sound and a precious memory being made. :)

Eye to eye with a lady bug!

Punching the lady bug--and winning the fight!

That smile just couldn't GET any BIGGER!


Mrs. Zoid said...

She's looking really cute - and alert!

Mimi said...

Wow, cooing and smiling both! Kane, you hit the jackpot! What a precious little girl. I cannot wait to get back down there! I agree that there is hardly a more wonderful sound than when babies coo at you! How fun! Tell Mara Kate to save some cooing for Mimi!

Susanna Rose said...

Yup, her smile couldn't get any bigger by the last one! How adorable!

Jordana said...

Wow! Mara Kate is growing so much!! Looks like she is eating really well :-)

What a beautiful smile! I know you both are enjoying her so much!

Tara said...

she's really changing...real smiles are the best! See you soon!